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"My Mind is like Water, A Calm Blissful Flow"
"215 to the 520, Breakin it down everywhere I Go"
"Born 2 Be a King, Lions Den is Where I Feed"
"Come Get High with the Tribe, It's a Beautiful Day.
Bright and Sunny like a Summer in L.A."
"Addicted to me like I'm Crack, Cant get  enough Startna Relapse"
"Uno You Know I'm the One, Son of the Son.
The Chosen One"
"Gunshots in Broad day in the Trenches that we stay,
It's a War Outside, I'm Just Tryna Get Paid"
"Perpetually Stoned, Intellectually Honed,
The Pen is my Ginsu, The Mic is my Home"
"Inquire Your Mind, Follow Your Heart 
Ya Spirits Ya Guide"
"Hunger Pains so Common when you ate it was Pain,
So you Refrain From The Feelin & Just Try to Maintain"
"We're All Connected, Protected by God
Connect the Dots in the Sky Workin Through The Nightfall"


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